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What is Bereavement Counselling?

bereavement counsellingWhat is bereavement counselling? Read Leone Centre Blog about how Bereavement Counselling can help with grief and loss.

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What is Systemic Family Psychotherapy?

What is Systemic Family Psychotherapy?Systemic Family Psychotherapy: Does your family need help? When one family member struggles with stress, mental health, addiction, or problematic emotional reactions, the whole system (family) has an impact and is impacted. Systemic family therapy aims to help family members to understand and to manage emotional and relational challenges, improve dynamics within a family, address specific […]

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Being alone and loneliness – How Counselling can help

Being alone and loneliness – How Counselling can helpLoneliness, Are you alone, lonely, or socially withdrawing/isolating?  While humans are social beings who love to experience a sense of belonging and connection to others, they aim to fulfil their potentials and be their authentic selves as well. All individuals need to be alone from time to time, to observe their experience without social constrictions, […]

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Qualified Burnt Oak Individual Counsellors

All of our Burnt Oak Individual Counsellors are accredited, qualified & registered with one or even several recognised corporations.


The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. To become a registered member our Associates Counsellor and Psychotherapists must have graduated from a BACP accredited course or passed the Certificate of Proficiency.

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The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, UKCP, exists to promote and maintain the profession of psychotherapy and the highest standards in the practice of psychotherapy throughout the United Kingdom, for the benefit of the public.

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The Health And Care Professions Council, offers regulation for maintaining high standards of the health and care professions to ensure that the public is kept safe and secure when utilising their services.

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