Counselling in London during Brexit

As uncertainty about Brexit and it’s implications for European nationals living and working in the UK mounts, so do levels of anxiety and depression.  And while questions are raised about all aspects of life, including healthcare, education and family life, answers are at this stage,  vague.

The effect of this is destabilising not only for the individuals concerned, but for society as a whole.  Employers, loved ones, potential investors. No-one knows what will happen over the next two years.  And this has widespread implications. In addition, the tone of debate, brings a more sinister aspect with dehumanising rhetoric such as “bargaining chips”. Sadly, this is nothing new to non-European nationals and people of colour.

Counsellors may see a rise in people affected by the proposed changes which  public services miss. As mistrust for institutions and the Establishment increases, some may seek alternative support while others flounder. Debates about visa criteria and entitlement to basic care set a tone that is both sinister and hypocritical.

Lets hope that common human values and the importance of promoting  the health of everyone is remembered in the forthcoming debate. Lets hope that the significance of this to who we are as a country and as a community, is not forgotten. One thing that is certain is the need for all of us to remain compassionate and alert to well-being of others.



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